Adam Berent

You have reached my online home, stay awhile but don’t make a mess. I hate cleaning.  This is my personal site, a place where I can share what I create and hope that someone may benefit from it all. I have many interests and so little time, but you have to start somewhere, and here it is.

This website contains my digital creations such as software, technical articles & hobbies. This site does not contain my personal information or photos which I only share with my close friends & family through Facebook. Alternatively if you wish to view my resume visit my LinkedIn profile. Some additional games I wrote can be found at  I am also active on Strava if you are into Physical Fitness.

Current Projects

Train SimTrain Sim – Train Simulator for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, which has over 30+ million downloads on the Google Play Store.  Train Sim is both my most successful app and my current focus.

3583 Bytes20+ Other games – Full list of all games I wrote for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms.  This is an external link to 3583 Bytes, a the private corporation under which I now publish all my apps & games.

Chess BinChess – Fully functional Chess Game for, I started in 2008 as a fun project to learn how computers play chess.  This was designed a learning project with full documentation available in Blog format.

Pokemon Bot  speed running Pokemon Red on all .. day .. and night … 24 hours a day .. 7 days a week. No breaks allowed, with full source code available at on GitHub.

Older Projects

Code Compare

Code Compare – Text & Folder Diff/Comparison and Synchronization Tool. Used to compare source code as well as directory contents.

Text 2 SpeechText2Speech – Speech Synthesis application that reads text to you, or saves it as an MP3.  This was a fun project I used to lean C# in the early 2000s that actually had 10s of thousands of downloads (the internet was much smaller back then)

ABI CoderABI – CODER – Personal file encryption software I initially wrote for my high school computer science course circa 1999.  Later this became the product of the first company I setup which although no longer exists was a great way to learn about running a venture.

My Other Websites

3583 Bytes3583 Bytes – The company under which I publish all my games & software since since 2012 for multiple mobile platforms. Check out my game portfolio of 20+ fun games enjoyed by over 35 million players .

Classic WoW Portal

Classic Wow Portal – World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic information website, featuring information on classes, professions, raids, gear, and more.


Photography – Capturing Life Through the Lens: A Journey in Photography.  My personal photgraphy portforlio.

PapersThings I wrote – Papers on Chess, Cryptography, Web Articles & Presentations on programming topics.