At some point in 2008 I decided to write my own chess engine after reading an online article on how computers play chess. I thought that this would be difficult enough to challenge me while in the same time small enough in scope to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. After years of fun I have managed to create not only the chess engine but also a full working Interface, along with some advanced features such as a PGN viewer and End Game Practice.

Chess Engine Features:

  • 6 Ply Depth Search on Medium Setting, 7 on Hard Setting
  • 1 Ply Extention in the End Game
  • Non Iterative Alpha Beta
  • Quiescence Search
  • Killer Move
  • Opening Book
  • Understanding on EnPassant Stalemate/3 Move Repetition/50 Move Rule
  • Move History in PGN format

User Interface:

  • Play As Black or White
  • Clocks
  • Save/Load Game
  • FEN Position Notation Input
  • Highlighting of Legal Moves and Last Move
  • Viewing and Saving Move History in PGN format


Google Play – Android Version

Windows – No Setup Version

Download WinBoard compatibe version (Command Line Only)

GitHub Page – Includes Source Code & New Binaries

E-Book containing all posts from my old Computer Chess Blog

Guide to Programming a Chess Engine

Blog documenting the development of my chess engine

Computer Chess Blog