Project Goals

Goal 1

Create a chess game that was capable of consistently winning games against me.

Status: Achieved as of August 18, 2008. 

Goal 2 

Defeat Chess Titans at level 10, the free Chess Game that comes with Windows Vista.

Status: Achieved as of November 7th, 2009 although not consistently

Goal 3 

Interface with WinBoard, the open source chess board.  This is necessary to submit my Chess Engine to most Computer Chess tournaments. 

Status: Achieved as of December 18th 2009: Download Link

Goal 4 

Enter a computer chess tournament and beat someone’s chess engine. 

Status: Acheived as of April 5th 2010, Entered WBEC Ridderkerk’s 18th Edition Tournament and beat more than one chess engine.
Goal 5

Defeat Little Chess Partner , the free Java Chess Game from the nice people at Lokasoft.

Status: October 28th 2008, tied based on three move repetition